Zend Framework

Zend Framework is an open source framework that has a flexible architecture allowing you to build modern web applications and web services without any difficulty.  This framework makes use of simple and versatile code base, that has made it the the default choice for developing high-end online applications using PHP and has thus become one of the most popular frameworks available for PHP programming.

There are numerous benefits of using a Zend framework. Have a quick glimpse at some of them.

  • Zend framework allows easy and trouble-free creation of PHP web applications.
  • It is extensible and easy to adapt as per your needs.
  • It offers the PHP developers with an excellent lightweight component library with almost 80% functionality.
  • This framework offers unlimited scope for customization.
  • Components like Model-View-Controller, Internalization, Rapid Application Development, etc. help improve the productivity and functionality.
  • Exceptionally flexible framework.
  • This Framework spreads out complete support to all the features of PHP’s latest version.
  • The progress of the building Search Engine friendly URLs is simplified with this framework.
  • The developers are free to exploit the various components of the framework without the need to develop within the structure of the framework.
  • The Rapid Application Development (RAD) generates the project architecture and MVC artifacts, etc. for the web applications.
  • Zend supports the usage of multiple languages and It provides full support to the developers to create application.
  • Zend provides all the secure coding tools you require to do things in a right way.

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