Freelancers…………New Era in the Outsourcing

a product with client’s satisfaction and appreciations. Nowadays there is a big industry open for freelancers. It is not worth to keep the resources when you don’t have work in your hand and giving your money to them when not even you earn that. This trend set the concept of “Outsourcing” In other words we can say that outsourcing is the mother which had gave birth to the freelancing. Biggest fault of this system is freelancing job is very critical as you don’t have any base to apply for any project or work. So as a freelancer you should be very clever with your customer while doing any type of work. Before starting any work freeze the requirements and get it sign by customer. Also it is advisable to involve customer to every phase of the project so there will not be any conflict between you and your customer. Most important don’t forgot to take some advance money before starting any work. Apart from above mentioned issues, it’s a great feeling to being a freelancer and being your own boss and you can work on your own terms and conditions. So, enjoy being a freelancer !!...

Joomla Web Services for a Strong Online Identity

bsites is a perfect way to establish your brand identity while staying competitive. In order to endorse a product line on web it is important to get it published in a right way, so that it could be easily reached by the masses. This is where the requirement of a good web customization service is felt as such services act as most efficient tool for enhancing your sales while creating a loyal customer base. Joomla is a wonderful CMS (Content Management System) that fulfils all sorts of web designing and development needs to keep your product at top ranking on major search engines such as Google, MSN and more. It is one the most popular CMS that facilitates one to get a perfect blend of great design with functional application development. Joomla web services have become extremely popular, because of its user-friendly approach. Hiring the services of experts for customized web services is established as a big money and time benefactor. Joomla web services include corporate websites development, intranets & extranets development, online magazines, newspapers, Ecommerce, publications & online reservations development, applications development and more. These services help you to achieve the best platform to market and sell your goods. Since, an online platform is more about clients and visitors, it is important to include features that will aid in building an engaging relationship. Tools such as blogs, podcasts, e-mail newsletters etc. help in reaching out to targeted customers, who might not otherwise know about your site. In short Joomla platform offers effective shopping experience. Innovative Consulting is Mumbai, India based web development firm. The firm offers innovative web solutions to clients all across the globe. Joomla web services offered by us include Joomla theme design, installation and configuration, add-on creation and template customization. Our PHP experts are familiar with different components, modules, extensions of Joomla and can recommend and implement the functionalities that best suit your needs....

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