Being a freelancer it is very difficult to deliver a product with client’s satisfaction and appreciations.

Nowadays there is a big industry open for freelancers. It is not worth to keep the resources when you don’t have work in your hand and giving your money to them when not even you earn that. This trend set the concept of “Outsourcing”

In other words we can say that outsourcing is the mother which had gave birth to the freelancing. Biggest fault of this system is freelancing job is very critical as you don’t have any base to apply for any project or work.

So as a freelancer you should be very clever with your customer while doing any type of work. Before starting any work freeze the requirements and get it sign by customer.

Also it is advisable to involve customer to every phase of the project so there will not be any conflict between you and your customer. Most important don’t forgot to take some advance money before starting any work.

Apart from above mentioned issues, it’s a great feeling to being a freelancer and being your own boss and you can work on your own terms and conditions.
So, enjoy being a freelancer !!


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