Innovative Consulting is a website development and online marketing firm based out of Mumbai, India. With offices located in 5 countries, across 5 continents, we claim a global presence. Since its inception in January of 2005 Innovative Consulting is committed to delivering innovative web solutions tailored to meet each client's individual business requirements.

At Innovative Consulting we don't just design unique and creative websites, but build functional and usable websites. We understand that every client has different requirements that cannot be satisfied by building cookie-cutter websites. Therefore, our team is dedicated to building custom-order web solutions that are positioned to build brands and stand out amongst the competition.

To ensure our clients achieve their business objectives, we work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements and suggest cost-effective solutions to protect and leverage their investment. While we provide singular and diverse solutions to each client, our promise of commitment, superior quality, and prompt service comes as a standard.

Our team of expert graphic and Flash designers, developers, content writers, web marketing analysts, and usability specialist collaborate to provide original solutions that equip our clients with necessary tools to succeed in today's fierce market. Our usability specialist continually research changing user behavior to develop solutions that are user-friendly. Our web developers are passionate about staying on top of the technology so our clients stay on top of the competition.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions that suit their requirements and empower them with tools that guarantee success. We offer a complete solution package -design, technology, and marketing - customized to meets our client's demands.

Each assignment is managed and tracked to ensure measurable success at every milestone. We provide regular progress reports and updates to our clients and encourage in-person meetings or phone conferences to monitor project progress, thereby ensuring timely delivery. By involving the client in every step and maintaining transparency in communication the clients can have control over the end result.

We take pride in our professionalism and endeavor to deliver nothing but top quality, at competitive price.

Our Services

At Innovative Consulting we apply truly innovative ideas to develop websites that are designed to promote business. We believe the key to designing successful websites lies in creating attractive user friendly and search engine-friendly website designs that represent our client;s corporate identity on the World Wide Web.
At Innovative Consulting this is our forte! Choosing the most apt blend of modern scripting languages and revolutionary technologies like PHP,, ASP and several others our experts build high caliber made-to-order web applications that are conspicuous among the competition and reach out to your target users.
Ever since the Internet went mainstream, electronic commerce or E-commerce has become extraordinarily popular for buying and selling products or services across the globe. E-commerce is increasing popular because it enables entrepreneurs to; widen geographical territories, expand customer base,...
A content management system (CMS) is of great use when you have a dynamic website. It allows you to upload and publish content, including articles, images, videos and other multimedia content that is otherwise very cumbersome to upload manually.
Innovative Consulting specializes in Mobile(Iphone, Android, Blackberry) Applications. Our in-house team of iPhone applications developers is proficient in developing applications and web portals for iPhone, as well as developing mobile applications compatible with other popular handheld devices.
How amazing it is to have developers working incessantly and dedicatedly for you and you alone. The skill, the passion and the level of dedication they bring with them can work wonders for your business, and your website. We, at Innovative Consulting, have the best minds in the industry working with us,

Our Skills

Web Design 90%
Web Development 90%
Ecommerce 85%
CMS 90%
Mobile App 80%

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