Drupal is free, open source Content Management System (CMS) often referred to as a Content Management Framework because it is designed to allow developers to add new features and custom add-ons. Constructed on the PHP platform and using MySQL to store content is used as a back-end system for a variety of web sites - from large corporate sites to small personal blogs.

The basic Drupal framework includes features such as user register and accounts maintenance, menu administration, layout customization, logging and sign on, blogging, Internet forum and community website development, etc. Our PHP proficient developers can employ the basic Drupal framework and enhance it to design highly interactive forums and web communities, sophisticated online stores, blogs and networking websites and much more.

Combining Drupal's basic features, available add-on modules with their innovative code our developers have developed interactive web applications such as:

  • Blogs: publish personal or corporate news, express opinions and allow users to comment
  • Forum: create message board and invite user participation
  • User profiles: Build an online community and allow private messaging
  • Forms: Facilitate contact and collect valuable customer information
  • Online stores: e-Commerce and online business
  • Newsletter applications: Communicate with users periodically
  • Mailing list management: Stay in touch with customers
  • Online chat/live help: Offer excellent customer support
  • Site search: Assist visitors to find what they are looking for fast
  • Audio/video multimedia: employ media to convey your message
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